Choosing the Right Binoculars

Choosing the right Binoculars for the required purpose is very important.  Choosing Binoculars comes down to the ability to test in ‘field’ conditions.  One should not be in a hurry to choose Binoculars.  Shops will allow the customer to test the viewing field and focus.  So, one need not hesitate to find the features practically.  Moreover the highly knowledgeable and experienced staff in the shops will help you in choosing the right Binoculars.


Most of the time people are influenced by advertisements.  Basing on the price, performance, size, durability and most importantly your needs you have to buy Binoculars.  So, Choosing Binoculars is not always easy.


Look for the specifications while Choosing Binoculars.  Two sets of figures are supplied like 7X35 many more.  Sometimes there might be letters as well like B or GA etc.  In figures the first figure indicates the number of times of the magnification of image.  Usually you get 7x, 8x or 10x Binoculars.  But Binoculars with 12x and 16x are also available.  The second figure indicates the diameter of the ‘objective lens.’   If the lens is larger, more light reaches the eye.  This measurement decides the physical size of the Binoculars.


The letter ‘B’ means that the eye pieces are suitable for people who wear glasses.  That means these binoculars can be used even if you wear glasses without losing much field-of-view.  While ‘GA’ means that the binoculars are covered with rubber to protect them against rough handling.


While Choosing Binoculars, choose lower magnification binoculars because if the magnification is lower the field-of-view is wider and the image is brighter.



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